Finance & Operations

Why Operations and Finance Teams Choose FilmTrack

Savvy Media and Entertainment executives know that digital is not the future, it’s already here — and monetizing it is becoming more complex. As continuously changing technologies, formats, platforms, channels, and global markets force you to adapt your business and revenue models, you need an intellectual property management solution as flexible and scalable as your organization.

FilmTrack’s central content and rights management platform provides you with the real-time data insights and analytics reports you need to make critical decisions for growth. It also enables you to easily track every deal globally for accurate financial visibility and on-going tax planning.

FilmTrack can even streamline your back office with document automation. Our reliable, secure, standardized metadata hub keeps international teams aligned across business units and channels to increase efficiency, mitigate risk and keep costs down.

FilmTrack Solutions

StarCM Content Manager

  • Streamline and simplify back office workflows.
  • Provide visibility to financial partners.
  • Get real-time access to centralized data hub – ensure company worldwide is looking at the same and accurate data.

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Rights Manager

  • Top executives call Avails their “sales sheet.”
  • Enable data-driven, real-time contracts and rights decisions.
  • Monitor performance and maximization of revenue.
  • Standardize data across multiple business units.
  • Identify key levers/products/assets that drive the business.
  • Provide visibility into upcoming revenue, cash flow and historical financial data.
  • Swiftly identify any financial events around a distribution contract.
  • Leverage data for assessment of company performance and valuation.
  • Understand how much the content has been exploited and how much revenue it earned.
  • Eliminate manual spreadsheet-based reporting.
  • Increase efficiencies in back office staff with one-click document creation.

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“FilmTrack helped streamline our operations and business affairs by consolidating our IP and organizing it in a way that is concise and efficient.”

Brian Beckmann, CFO, Arclight Films International Pty Ltd

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