Digital Media Pipeline Recap: VOD Content Contracts

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At EMA's 2018 Digital Media Pipeline, Jason Kassin, CEO of FilmTrack, and Mike Hurst, CEO of Exactuals, sat down for a candid fireside chat to discuss how today’s content deals require modern solutions that add efficiency to the flow of royalty and residual payments.

In this event recap, Jason and Mike will discuss:

  • The ways contractual and financial changes have impacted the industry
  • How businesses can successfully keep track of the influx of data and information brought on by the digital era
  • What the industry landscape will look like in the next 3-4 years (from a data perspective)

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In the 2020 Winter edition of the MESA Journal, FilmTrack's current COO Michael McGuire explains how the pandemic has impacted the entertainment industry and how that impact may have fundamentally changed the industry moving forward. Most notably the halt of production and the shutdown of theaters has put tremendous value on existing libraries. Utilizing software such as FilmTrack to fully understand what is currently available for sale or distribution, as well as what will be coming available and when, has become imperative to not only conduct business as usual but thrive in the current economy.

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