How FilmTrack Financials Helps Your Entire Business Ecosystem

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The rapid rise of digital entertainment has made rights management functions more complicated than ever before. With FilmTrack Financials, media & entertainment businesses can navigate today’s fragmented landscape with ease.

Financial technology made simple.

Used by hundreds of organizations worldwide, FilmTrack’s financial management solution minimizes tedious manual tasks and reduces administrative burden. Here are some of the key benefits of our software:

Maintain Control of Your Data
Forget fighting with spreadsheets or adding additional system integrations into the mix. FilmTrack’s cloud-based platform allows you to store all critical financial and contractual information in a secure, unified location.

Increase Data Integrity
Say goodbye to inaccurate data once and for all. After importing rules pertaining to royalty statements, FilmTrack automatically completes all calculations and double checks for discrepancies, ultimately saving valuable time and resources.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips
FilmTrack equips on-the-go leaders with relevant, contextual financial insights in real-time. Access important reports and information via computer or tablet –– at any time, from anywhere.

Streamline Complex Financial Processes
Quickly access important revenue data pertaining to royalties, participations, and financials in real-time. With FilmTrack, you have the ability to:

  • Ingest multi-currency royalties
  • Auto-calculate your share based on defined royalty definitions
  • Resolve ingest to definitions
  • Track consumption against money that has already been received
  • Report revenue participation back to licensors or participant stakeholders
  • Easily define pre- and post-recoupment tiers
  • Ingest internal exploitation revenue
  • Handle expense cap reductions and reserves
  • Review and assess scheduled collection amounts
  • Utilize billing groups to cross-collateralize your projects
  • Allocate advances in fees across multiple vectors
  • Recognize revenue based on the new 2018 rules

Operate efficiently across every department.
When critical financial information is stored in a central repository, departments are able to work independently, but are also connected to the whole. By implementing FilmTrack, our clients have reduced barriers between departments, increased transparency, and improved productivity. Here are some of the ways FilmTrack can help your business departments find success:

With the numerous distribution channels that exist in today’s digital economy, sales teams need to be able to clearly identify and exploit each and every revenue opportunity. FilmTrack’s real-time availabilities reports provide teams with a bird's eye view into the content they have to sell.

Content performance metrics are crucial. FilmTrack offers complete financial tracking all the way down to the episode level, allowing teams to understand what titles are working and how to evaluate future acquisition opportunities.

Finance & Legal
FilmTrack offers the most robust financial capabilities of all rights management vendors in the industry. From scheduled collections and billing groups to fee calculations, royalties, and participations, finance and legal teams can easily manage important revenue data from one easy-to-use, secure location.

FilmTrack provides a granular breakdown of all costs incurred during pre-production, filming and post-production, allowing teams to determine how much money can be utilized for the promotion of a film or TV series.

tablet displaying Business Intelligence Manager

FilmTrack's Financials Manager

Enjoy the most robust financial tools in the industry, built to handle the most complex calculations. Whether it’s circular deductions, financial waterfalls, or royalties in/out, you can relax and know that everything is being split and paid accurately.

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laptop computer displaying FilmTrack app

FilmTrack's Contracts & Availabilities Manager

Increase revenue, get to market quicker, and optimize the value of your library. Our Contracts and Availabilities Manager provides automated, real-time contract and availabilities data across your entire catalog.

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computer near coffee cup displaying Brand Licensing Manager

FilmTrack's Brand Licensing Manager

Increase revenue, save time, and measure the success of your brand licensing program. RoyaltyZone, a FilmTrack solution, makes it easy for you to automate your business and take your licensing game to the next level.

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In the 2020 Winter edition of the MESA Journal, FilmTrack's current COO Michael McGuire explains how the pandemic has impacted the entertainment industry and how that impact may have fundamentally changed the industry moving forward. Most notably the halt of production and the shutdown of theaters has put tremendous value on existing libraries. Utilizing software such as FilmTrack to fully understand what is currently available for sale or distribution, as well as what will be coming available and when, has become imperative to not only conduct business as usual but thrive in the current economy.

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