FilmTrack Delivers Dynamic Content Exchange Platform, Wavelength, for PBS Flagship Station WNET, New York

FilmTrack, an all-encompassing contract, rights, and royalties management solution for the media and entertainment industry, provides an innovative solution for WNET, a flagship PBS station in New York, developing a content management exchange portal with dynamic backend functionality and user-friendly front-end capabilities.

After understanding WNET’s need for a content sharing platform and in anticipation of their series, The Vietnam War, Wavelength was built on FilmTrack technology. Wavelength is a B2B digital content sharing platform that provides public media stations across the country the ability to seamlessly share content, expand their programming, and better serve their communities.

“In working with us to build Wavelength, FilmTrack helped WNET reach an ongoing organizational goal: to provide robust digital capabilities that foster content sharing and collaboration between public media stations nationwide,” stated Diane Masciale, Vice President & General Manager, WLIW/WNET.

Yoni Oettinger, Director of Implementation for FilmTrack, worked closely on the project to ensure all of WNET’s requirements were met. Oettinger said, “The Wavelength project was exciting, as it allowed WNET to import and consume data in ways that pushed the envelope.  The success of the project was heavily reliant on constant collaboration. In doing so, we were able to design and implement a framework for WNET to efficiently share content.”

Wavelength benefits users by quickly granting access to content within a centralized hub, preview and download content, save money by transferring and storing direct to the cloud and collaborate with community forums and discussions.

About FilmTrack

Founded in 1996, FilmTrack is the global standard in rights management and associated financials; providing end-to-end SaaS solutions -- simplifying the complexities of managing and licensing intellectual property. FilmTrack’s cloud-based platform provides the tools to manage mission-critical data including contracts, rights, financials, royalties and asset management all in one solution. Visit to learn more.

About WNET

WNET is America’s flagship PBS station and parent company of THIRTEEN and WLIW21. Through its broadcast channels, three cable services (KidsThirteen, Create, and World), and online streaming sites, WNET brings quality arts, education, and public affairs programming to more than five million viewers each week.

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