with one easy tool.

FilmTrack is the most powerful and easy-to-use rights management solution in the entertainment industry.

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Every phase of the
intellectual property lifecycle…
all under one roof.

FilmTrack offers four core products designed to adapt and grow with your business. Use just the ones you need to streamline your current workflow, or use all four for a complete solution. Whatever you need, FilmTrack has you covered.

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Contracts & Availabilities Manager

All of your contract data right at your fingertips. Know that you’re selling everything you have to sell and getting every dollar available. FilmTrack will even help you find hidden availabilities you didn’t know you had.

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Financials Manager

Enjoy the most robust financial tools in the industry, built to handle the most complex calculations. Whether it’s circular deductions, financial waterfalls, or royalties in/out, you can relax and know that everything is being split and paid accurately.

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Brand Licensing Manager

Increase revenue, save time, and measure the success of your brand licensing program.  FilmTrack makes it easy for you to automate your business and take your licensing game to the next level.

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Business intelligence manager

Business Intelligence Manager

No other tool gives you sharper analysis or deeper insights into your business. Connect to external data sources and get automatic live updates configured the way you want to see them.

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Make everything easier.

Just because entertainment rights are complex and overwhelming doesn’t mean managing them has to be. You’ll love FilmTrack’s simple and intuitive interface, designed from industry expertise with everything you need to see, right where you need to see it.

Make it your own.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, and that’s why we’ve made the interface completely configurable. You’ll be able to add and arrange new fields, grids, and other elements to truly make it your own.

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Experience something seamless...

FilmTrack is built for connection. Our robust APIs allow you to seamlessly integrate with external financial systems, scheduling systems, CRMs, aggregators, or any other system that is important to your workflow. While a lot of other APIs like to only push or pull, our APIs both push and pull data from any object, anywhere in the system.

And if you’re the trigger happy type, you’ll love our event bus for triggering any action to fire based on any change you specify. We know you’ll love our APIs as much as we do. In fact, we love them so much, we built our own UI on top of them.

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... and fluent.

It’s five o’clock somewhere… and FilmTrack knows exactly where. If you’re a global organization doing business all over the world, you operate in different time zones, different languages, and different currencies. FilmTrack has all the built in support you need to make international business a breeze. So sit back, relax, and have a drink, because FilmTrack knows it’s five o’clock somewhere.

Know that everything is safe

You can sleep well at night knowing that our doors are locked, the alarm is on, and your data is safe. That’s because FilmTrack uses the highest possible level of security with both SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance. That means our locks are double checked annually by independent security audits conducted on our entire system. You can rest assured knowing that we’re taking every possible measure to protect your data. Who knows… maybe we’ll even get a dog.

But there’s more to protecting your data than just locking it up. Other companies store your data on the same servers with other clients’ data, separated only by digital partitions. We think your data deserves it’s own private island, so that’s exactly what we give it.

FilmTrack is the only SaaS based solution that doesn’t co-mingle your data.

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Change the game
for the whole team.

Whatever your role in the business, we’ve got tools and features created specifically with you in mind. Once you’ve seen them, you’ll wonder how you ever did it before FilmTrack.

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Hear what our clients are saying.

filmmode entertainment logo

FilmTrack is the mainframe of our operations and plays a crucial role in our ability to maximize revenue."

Clay Epstein, President Film Mode Entertainment

AMBI Group logo

We love working with FilmTrack – simply put, our business wouldn't be able to run without them! From Legal to Sales, Distribution to Marketing, Accounting to Delivery, every department utilizes FilmTrack on a day-to-day basis. Their team is fantastic to work with and are always quick to respond and help with any questions or concerns we might have. They continue to help us grow as they always look to the future, collaborating with their clients to see how they can improve their product for our ever-evolving industry."

Allison Werner, Director, International Marketing AMBI

Raven Banner logo

FilmTrack allows us to manage our entire library's rights. We have been fortunate enough to have implemented and integrated their modules earlier on in our business. I could not imagine how we could possibly manage the amount of titles we both represent and produce without FilmTrack. It allows us to provide transparency internally and externally with our filmmakers and our buyers. It is integral to where we are as a company today."

Michaelangelo Masangkay, General Manager Raven Banner

K2 Studios logo

FilmTrack provided us with a solution that was not only scalable with our rapidly expanding business, but also provided the ability to better organize our content and report on it at a very granular level. This was something no one else in the industry was able to provide and it has allowed us to continue to scale and differentiate in this ever-changing landscape."

Paula Tagle, Manager, Film Distribution, Digital & Online Media K2 Studios

Miramax Films logo

FilmTrack empowers our Salesforce by allowing them to interface directly with the system and receive an immediate visual on what they have to sell."

Steve Schoch CEO, Miramax Miramax

Picture Tree International logo

Having outgrown our ‘human run’ rights management system, we recognized the need for a solid base for growth with the ability to access information at our fingertips.

A database is only as good as the data entered. We wanted a system that would scale with our data from the ground up."

Frieder Ahrens, Head of Finance & Business Affairs Picture Tree

The WNET Group logo

In working with us to build Wavelength, FilmTrack has helped WNET reach an ongoing organizational goal: to provide robust digital capabilities that foster content sharing and collaboration between public media stations nationwide."

DianeMasciale, Vice President & General Manager, WLIW/WNET

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