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When your sales team has deeper insights into potential availabilities, they’ll be able to increase revenue, get to market quicker, and optimize the value of your library. Our Contracts and Availabilities Manager provides automated, real-time contract and availabilities data across your entire catalog.

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Like a crystal ball for availabilities.

You may not be able to see into the future, but FilmTrack can. Our Contracts and Availabilities Manager knows what’s going to be available next, and lets you know, so you can stay ahead of the competition by selling it first.

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Find hidden pockets of availability.

You know that feeling when you reach in a hidden jacket pocket and find a 20 dollar bill? We love that feeling. FilmTrack will search your library and find hidden pockets of availability you didn’t even know you had. It’s just one of the ways we help you maximize the value of your library.

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Never miss a date.

With FilmTrack’s Contracts and Availabilities Manager, you’ll never miss another rights window. Our built-in calendar will automate reminders for expiring rights so you’ll always be a step ahead of the competition.

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Key Features

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Contract Management

See real-time contract status, reporting regions, timeline events, and sell-off information in one place.

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Rights Management

Create custom templates to manage exclusivity, options, holdbacks, expirations, restrictions, and exclusions.

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Projects Management

Manage the lifecycle of projects with an easily accessible and searchable asset repository.

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Parties Management

Manage your contact information and build relationships between internal and external parties.

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Metadata Search

Customize, save, and export your metadata search across projects, contracts, rights, parties, custom data, and runs.

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Check for conflicts with an automated view of contractual availabilities by territory, rights, formats, and languages.

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Custom Data

Create custom grids and fields for capturing additional information such as events, approvals, dates, and more.

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Data-level Security

Allow clients to assign role-based edit permissions to users for making changes across projects, contracts, and parties.

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Automated Workflows

Create role-based, automated workflows to manage contract lifecycles from end to end including version history.

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FilmTrack empowers our sales force by allowing them to interface directly with the system and receive an immediate visual on what they have to sell."

Steve Schoch, CEO

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