Financials Manager

Tracking rights is important, but if you’re not prepared to handle the financials that come along with them, you’re only solving half of the problem. Our Financials Manager has the most robust financial tools in the industry, built to handle the most complex calculations with ease.

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Don’t go chasing waterfalls.

Calculating who gets paid what and when is a daunting task when every contract plays by its own rules. And when those rules just get more complex over time, you end up with financial waterfalls that could give Niagara a run for it’s money. FilmTrack’s Financials Manager is built to chase those waterfalls all the way to the end so that you can relax and know that everything is being split and paid accurately.

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Accounting for the entertainment industry.

FilmTrack’s Financials Manager is more than just a calculator, because in the entertainment industry, there’s more to financials than just crunching numbers. In addition to keeping track of billing, receipts, currencies, exchange rates, and bank accounts, a rights management system requires additional granularity that traditional accounting software just can’t deliver. That’s why FilmTrack’s Financials Manager has a built-in automated sub-ledger. You’ll be able to account for every aspect of your financials all in one place.

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Where power meets simplicity.

Before the days of digital stores, video-on-demand services, and the myriad ways people get paid from them, the entertainment industry allowed for simpler tools. But today’s complex financials have most companies using a combination of legacy systems, manpower, and spreadsheets to tackle the problem.

At FilmTrack, we don’t believe that complex problems require complex solutions. Our Financials Manager is built right into our rights management platform, so you’ll have a single, easy-to-use solution with unmatched power to handle today’s financials. It’s as simple as that.

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Key Features

revenue recognition icon

Revenue Recognition

Allow users to recognize revenue based on  multiple actioned triggers, invoice generation dates, or scheduled over time.

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Calculate royalty splits based on sales contract deal terms, recoup minimum guarantees, and bill invoices.

participations icon

Calculate amounts owed to participants, and precisely customize statements to their expectations.

multiple invoice workflows
Multiple Invoice Workflows

Allow users to set unique invoice workflows by deal type or separate schedule items within a contract.

multi-currency icon

Allow users to apply payments with unique payment, bank, and base currencies.

event-based ledger
Event-based Ledger

Access transactional accounting records and account structures in line with GAAP compliance.

date triggers icon
Date Triggers

Use event-based triggers to calculate contractual, invoice, and revenue dates.

cash application icon
Cash Application

Allow users to apply cash from a single payment across multiple invoices.

dynamic fee calculations
Dynamic Fee Calculations

Calculate fees based on video-on-demand subscription model metrics.

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