Filmtrack for
boutique to midsize media companies

Even if you're only managing a handful of titles, you could be missing opportunities to fully monetize them across geographies, languages, and distribution methods. FilmTrack is built to find those opportunities and scale with your company as it grows.

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Reaching a tipping point?

If you're a growing media company that's been getting by with a combination of spreadsheets, cobbled-together software tools, and
manual labor, you may be finding it hard to keep up. FilmTrack consolidates all of your rights management needs under one roof and automates your manual processes so that you can get ahead, not just stay afloat.

  • Contracts
  • Availabilities
  • Royalties In/Out
  • Participations

Learn more about FilmTrack's Contracts and Availabilities Manager

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Easy to use and affordable.

With decades of entertainment industry experience under our belt, we know the tools that boutique and midsize companies need because we've been there. We've created an intuitive and easy-to-use cloud-based rights management system that's quick to implement at a price that won't break the bank.

Choose one of our fixed-fee packages that's just right for what you need, and we'll have you up and running quickly and smoothly with minimal impact on your business operations.

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Built to scale.

As your business grows and changes, so will your rights management needs. Switching systems every time you outgrow its capabilities is time consuming, disruptive, and expensive.

FilmTrack is built to serve all size media companies, from those with just a handful of employees all the way up to major studios and networks. That means that as your business expands, so do FilmTrack's capabilities. Just flip the switches to turn on the features and tools you need as you need them and enjoy the consistency and comfort of using one rights management system over the life of your business.

Learn more about FilmTrack's Financials Manager.

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FilmTrack Grows With You

Whether you manage a handful of titles or millions, FilmTrack is designed for any scale. You'll never have to change systems as your company grows.

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Everything Under One Roof

FilmTrack is a modern SaaS platform that allows you to manage Contracts, Availabilities, and Financials all in a single, unified, seamless solution.

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APIs That Push And Pull

FilmTrack has a robust set of restful push and pull APIs that persist throughout the entire application.

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Quick And Affordable Implementation

Our affordable fixed-fee packages get you up and running quickly and smoothly to minimize the impact on your business.

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Unmatched Security

As a subsidiary of City National Bank, we are required to adhere to rigorous bank-level security standards that no one else in the industry can match.

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Financial Stability

FilmTrack is backed by one of the most trusted banking institutions in the world, City National Bank. This gives us financial stability that Venture or Private Equity backed companies just can't promise.

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Getting started is easy.

We'd love to show you just how gamechanging FilmTrack can be as an upgrade from your current rights management process.

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