Enjoy a reimagined, user-friendly interface with a host of powerful new features and enhancements designed with the success and efficiency of your business in mind.

what's new?

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Everything Under One Roof

No more switching between applications! You can now manage your contracts, projects, and parties in a single unified application that also includes a unified vault.

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Universal Search Capability

FilmTrack just took searching to the next level! You can now search the entire system with configurable search criteria and powerful filters for quicker and more detailed results.

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Configurable Layout & Autosave

Configure your workspace by adding or removing data fields to suit your unique needs. And with FilmTrack's new autosave feature, you'll never have to click "save" again!

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Faster and More Scalable

Enjoy faster processing of enterprise-level data for large content libraries. Our cloud-based infrastructure also provides ease of access, reliability, and flexibility to evolve with your business.

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More Secure

Role-based permissions can now be assigned beyond page level, all the way down to field level! In addition, contracts, projects, and vault can now be set up by division, while SAST and DAST security testing help ensure FilmTrack is safe and secure.

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